Year 2006:


A special event took place in Carrickfergus on St. Patrick's Day this year, namely the 250th Anniversary of the foundation of one of the Borough's most Ancient Societies: St. Patrick's Masonic Lodge No. 43 Irish Constitution

This Lodge was officially warranted by the then recently formed Grand Lodge of Ireland in the year 1756. Whilst it was officially warranted in 1756 it is highly probable that it existed for some years before that date, as the Grand Lodge of Ireland, based in Dublin, and itself formed in 1725, only began to issue Warrants to Lodges in the 1730.s

Initially St. Patrick's was warranted as Masonic Lodge No. 270 this number was exchanged in 1817 for No. 43 in order that the Lodge could take its precedence in the many Church processions, etc. which took place during that period.

During its history the Lodge has seen many turbulent times, and no doubt the worst of these was the invasion and capture of the Borough by the French in 1760.

It is to the Lodge's deep regret that there are no Lodge Minutes covering this period.

The Anniversary was celebrated by a meeting of the Lodge on St. Patrick's Day, Friday, 17th March 2006, the Meeting commenced at 3.00 p.m. at which Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge Officers were present together with a large number of other distinguished Brethren. All Brethren were cordially invited to attend what was a unique occasion.

In the evening an Anniversary Dinner and Dance was held in the Clarion Hotel.

More important in the Celebrations was Church Service held on Sunday 19th March 2006 in Joymount Presbyterian Church. A large congregation attended with the Brethren to give thanks to the Almighty, to wish continued success to the Lodge and to mark with thanks this important event in the sometimes forgotten History of the Borough. It is in a sense appropriate that the service took place in Joymount Presbyterian Church as it is interesting to note from the Minutes Books of the Lodge, to see that the Founding Minister of this Congregation, in 1852, the Rev. James Warwick, became a member of the Lodge in 1853 and also acted as a Chaplain to the Lodge.

Circular for the Anniversary Meeting:


W. Bro. E. N. MOORE, W. M.

Dear Sir and Bro.
You are hereby summoned to attend an Emergency Communication of your Lodge called by the Worshipful Master to celebrate the 250th. Anniversary of the founding of the Lodge, to be held in the Masonic Hall, Victoria Street, Carrickfergus, on St. Patrick's Day, Friday, 17th. March 2006 at 3:00 p.m. sharp.
A full and punctual attendance is requested.

Yours fraternally, GODFREY D. ROBINSON, P.M. (Hon. Secretary)


1. Circular
2. Salute to Dep. Grand Master
3. Salute to present and past present Grand Lodge Officers
4. Salute to Provincial Grand Master
5. Salute to present and past Provincial Grand Lodge Officers
6. Minutes
7. Matters arising
8. Correspondence
9. Apologies
10. "St. Patrick's Masonic Lodge", talk by W. Bro. Jim Adamson
11. Accounts

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