250th. Anniversary Year

1756 - 2006

Events held throught 2006 to celebrate
250 years since the founding of
St. Patrick's Masonic Lodge
in Carrickfergus.

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Entered Apprentice Degree.


The years 2005/2006 have been historic years for St. Patrick's Masonic Lodge No. 43. The year 2005 saw the 200th Anniversary of the replacement of Warrant No. 270 in 1805 (No. 270 being exchanged for the lower number of 43 in 1817), and the year 2006 being the 250th Anniversary of the foundation of the Lodge in Carrickfergus.

The Brethren of the Lodge had been preparing for the principal events and the first of these was an invitation to the Grand Lodge of Instruction to visit Carrickfergus and see an exemplification of the E.A. Degree. This was accepted by the G.L. of Inst. and so their opening Meeting for the 2005/6 Session was held in Carrickfergus. All the current Officers of the Lodge took part in the exemplification and all the work carried out, i.e. Opening, Receiving, Conducting, Obligating, Instructing and Clothing of the Candidate, received a good account from the G.L. of Instruction.

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Anniversary Meeting on St. Patrick's Day.


The next big date for the Lodge was St. Patrick's Day, Friday 17th March, 2006. An Emergency Meeting of the Lodge had been called for 3 p.m. on this day and the Lodge was honoured by the attendance of R. W. Bro. G. Dunlop, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ireland and also R. W. Bro. J. Dunlop, Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim and a large number of other visiting Brethren. Among the large number was a representation of our friends from Scotland, namely Brethren from Fortwilliam Lodge No. 43 (S.C.) and also Lodge Battlefield No. 1258 (S.C.).

Some of our guests for the special anniversay meeting.

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Civic Reception.


At the Meeting, Congratulations and Gifts were exchanged and a short Paper was read by W. Bro. Jim Adamson P.P.G.M.S.B. on the history of the Lodge from 1756. After the closing of the Meeting an Official Reception was given by the Deputy Mayor of the Borough which was attended by the R. W. Deputy Grand Master, the Provincial Grand Master, the Wor. Master of Lodge 43, W.Bro. E. Moore, Wor. Master of Loge 43 (S.C.), Wor. Master of Lodge 1258 (S.C.) and other representatives of the Lodge, together with the Ladies.

Back row:- G.Robinson (Sec.), J.Adamson PPGMSB, J.Green RWM 43(S.C.), R.Grant IPM 43, E.Moore WM 43, H.K.Frazer RWM 1258(S.C.). Front row:- T. Clements (Councilor), F. Keep (Tres), DGM, Dep. Mayor Eric Ferguson and the PGM.

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Masonic Ball.


St. Patrick's Day concluded with an excellent Ladies Night in the Clarion Hotel and again we were honoured by the attendance of the Deputy Grand Master. After an excellent meal during which commemorative gifts were given both to the Ladies and the Gentlemen, dancing continued until a late hour, the Shamrock being duly honoured.

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Divine Service.


The conclusion of a memorable weekend saw a special Divine Service being held on the Sunday afternoon in Joymount Presbyterian Church where a large congregation were welcomed by the Minister of the Church who conducted the Service. In a sense it was appropriate for the Service to be at Joymount as this Congregation and the Lodge have had a long and happy association commencing with the foundation Minister of the Congregation being initiated into the Lodge in 1853.

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St. George's Lodge 270, Enniscorthy.


As No. 270 was our original Warrant, it was felt that a good way to calebrate our links with the earliest records of St. Patrick's was to send fraternal greetings to St. George's in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford who are now the proud holders of Warrant No. 270.

This opening relationship grew to an invitation from 270 to visit them, and on 16th. November 2006 a party of some 40 masons, wives and friends took a long weekend coach trip to stay in Wexford city and visit St. George's on Saturday 17th. Nov.

As was to be expected, we were well received by the Worshipful Master and the Provincial Grand Master of Wexford and members of 270.

What was to be a short meeting, turned into a most enjoyable exchange between the two Lodges, with a presentation of an engraved Belfast Crystal decanter, accompanied by two tumblers and a bottle to fill it with, a St. Patrick's 250th. anniversay jewel and also one for the Provincial Grand Master and a Carrickfergus plaque.

The friendships made, not only at the Lodge meeting and the festive board afterwards, but also amongst ourselves during the trip, will, we trust be the seeds of flowering relationships.

Worshipful Master of St. George's Masonic Lodge No. 270.

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Flower Bed.


The celebration of over 250 years of Freemasonry in the Borough continued openly throughout the summer of 2006 with a very lovely commemorative Flower Bed on the Marine Highway sponsored by St. Patrick’s.

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