275th Anniversary Lodge 43 S.C.


On 13th October 2018, some Brethren of Lodge 43 I.C. Carrickfergus and 2 guests had a fantastic weekend at the 275th Anniversary and re-dedication of Fortwilliam Lodge 43 Scottish Constitution in the presence of the Grand Master with Grand Lodge and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Invernesshire.
The ceremony took place at Lochaber High School with an excellent Festive board afterwards. Lodge 43 UGLE and over 200 Brethren from all over Scotland where in attendance.
The previous evening we were treated to a unique event in the Fortwilliam Lodge room when Lodge Union & Crown 307 from Barrhead performed a 'Dramatisation' Degree in full costume which they perform all over Scotland. It was a Scottish 1st Degree set in a German Prisoner of War camp during the 2nd World War.

Left to right is W.Bro Simon Kyle-Ewing L43 IC, W Bro John Noel Cross L43 IC, W Bro John Cross L43 IC, Bro Charles Woolridge Gordon Grand Master Mason of Scotland, Bro Iain Rodger RWM L43 Fortwilliam, W Bro Wallace Boyd L 43 IC, W Bro Dave Kyle-Ewing L335 IC, W Bro Angus McVicker L775 IC and W. Bro. Ian McConnell L43 IC.

Installation Night 2017.


Worshipful Master W. Bro. Godfrey McCurry (Clik picture to enlarge.)

The new W.M. with Installing Officer W. Bro. Andrew Spiers (Clik picture to enlarge.)

The new W.M. being congratulated by W. Bro. Iain Gregory (Clik picture to enlarge.)

Lodge 43 Officers for 2017 (Clik picture to enlarge.)

A section of those present (Clik picture to enlarge.)

Installation Night 2016.


Worshipful Master W. Bro. John Noel Cross, being presented with the Bible which was presented to his Grandfather on 50 years of Masonry.
Also pictured W. Bro. John Cross Senior.

The new W.M. with Installing Officer W. Bro. Gordon Keep and W. Bro. John Cross Snr.

With D.o.C. W. Bro. Jim Thompson and W. Bro. G. Robinson.
W. Bro. Cross Snr. holding his blackthorn stick with emblem in the handle to assist him in enforcing disciple in the Lodge!

Lodge 43 Officers for 2016.

Installation Night 2015.


Congratulation to the new Worshipful Master W. Bro. Robert Stewart.

The new W.M. with Installing Officer W. bro. Gordon Keep

The Installing Team

All Lodge 43 present (or at least most of us who stayed behind - the rest being too hungry to linger).

Look out Mick and Sir Paul!

One has to admire Tommy's reverence as Billy hands over money.

Events in 2014.


Party of Brethren visiting English Grand Lodge in London on Saturday 15th March 2014.
L. to R. Andrew Spiers, Gordon Keep, Jim Thompson, Andrew Higgins (Lodge No. 1111) and Godfrey Robinson.

W. Bro. Martyn Parry was Installed at a meeting of The Willing Lodge No. 2893 UGLE. With apologied to Gordy! At leadt it couldn't be any of your travelling comapanions who took the photo.

All present at W. Bro. Martyn Parry's Installation.

Installation Night 2013.


Congratulation to the new Worshipful Master W. Bro. Edward McKnight.

W. Bro. Ed McKnight (centre) with J.D. Bro. Robert Stewart (left) and sponsor W. Bro. Robert Garr.

Lodge Officers.

7 X 10 Mile Sponsor Walk.


W. Bro. Jim Thompson (left), to celebrate his 70th. birthday, did seven ten-mile walks to raise money for the Hall refurbishment. Pictured here are his team of merry helpers who completed the last 10 mile section with him, walking from the Provincial Masonic Hall in Rosemary Street, Belfast to the Carrickfergus Hall on Saturday 26th. March 2011. Well done Ester, Sharon, Andrew and Robert, but especially - Jim!

Presentation of 60 year Certificate


W. Bro. George Moreland (centre) receiving his 60 year Certificate, a 60 year bar for his jewel and a commemorative plate on 26th. November 2010 from the Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Bill Murray (left). Also in the picture is his son-in-law, W. Bro. Trevor doyle.

W. Bro. Moreland was initiated on the 24th. November 1950 in Lodge No. 541. He affiliated to us on the 24th. January 1992.

Installation: 2011.


Left to Right: Wor. Bro. Joe Frazer who received his 50 year jewel at the January Communication. The new Worshipful Master, Wor. Bro. Cen Livings. Wor. Bro. George Moreland, who received his 60 year Certificate at the November Communication. Wor. Bro. Gordon Keep, Installing Officer and Wor. Bro. Bill Murray, Immediate Past master.

Left to Right: Rt. Wor. Bro. Ray Flowers who as special guest, flew in from Monmouthshire as a treat to the incoming Worshipful Master . Wor. Bro. Joe Frazer. The Worshipful Master for 2011, Wor. Bro. Cen Livings. Wor. Bro. George Moreland and Wor. Bro. Gordon Keep who surprised us all by speaking fluent Welsh!

Immediate Past Master W. Bro. Bill Murray, pretending to be Grand Wizard!


Installation: 2010.



22nd January 2010

An unusual photo for an Installation! But more of this later!

Installing Officer, W. Bro. Gordon Keep, with the new W.M.

Left to Right:-
W. Bro. Cen Livings Senior Warden, W. Bro. Jim Thompson, Installing D.O.C.
The New Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Bill Murray,
W. Bro. Gordon Keek, W. Bro. Harry Purdy I.P.M.

Delegation from our Twins - St. Patrick's Lodge 1594 Grande Loge Nationale Francaise.
Left to Right: Bro. Eric Bacci, Bro. Paul Gilbert, W. Bro. Roland Mayer W.M. and Bro. Nicolas Parizel.

We were greatly honoured once again with a delegation from our old friends Lodge Battlefield, Glasgow who have been visiting us on a regular basis now for over 20 years. It's just a pity that their W.M. was unwell and could not make the trip this year. Good health, Derek!
This being the year of our twinning with Lodge St. Patrick's No. 1594, Marseille, we were delighted to pay host to their Worshipful Master W. Bro. Roland Mayer and Madame together with Bro. Eric Bacci and Madame, Bro. Nicholas Parzel and Madame and W. Bro. Paul Gilbert. On Friday, we enjoyed taking our French visitors to see Belfast City Hall, Albert Square Masonic Hall, Victoria Shopping Centre and the Crown Bar.
On Saturday we hired a bus to see the Giant's Causeway, Bushmills and home for a "Night at the Club!". Time goes too soon and we must part, until the next time. Bon Voyage!

At the Giant's causway!

Doesn't Paul make a good picture!

Belfast City Council Chamber- no politics please, remember we're Masons!


Installation Night: 2009.



23rd. January 2009

The new Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Harrison Purdy with Lodge Officers

Installing Officer, W. Bro. Derek McCleary P.P.G.S. with the new W.M.

Three Worshipful Masters - Left to Right:-
W. Bro. Roland Mayer, W.M. Lodge St. Patrick No. 1594, Grande Loge Nationale Francaise.
W. Bro. Harrison Purdy, W.M. St. Patrick No. 43 I.C.
W. Bro. Derek Clarkson, W.M. Lodge Battlefield No. 1258 S.C.

Delegation from St.Patrick's Lodge 1594 Grande Loge Nationale Francaise.

Singing (?)

Delegation from 43 to Roland's Installation
as W.M. of St. Patrick's Lodge 1594 Grande Loge Nationale Francaise, in September.

Installation Night: 2008.


Installation Night 25th. January

Left to Right: Bro. Harrison Purdy, Senior Warden, W.Bro. Gordon Keep W. M. for 2008,
W.Bro. Tommy Agnew I. P. M., Bro. Bill Murray, Junior Warden

Lodge Officers with the Prov. Grand Master of Antrim and the Prov. Grand Master of Glasgow.

L. to R.:- P.G.M. of Antrin, R.W.Bro. John Dunlop; W.M. of 43, Gordon Keep;
P.G.M.of Glasgow. R.W. Bro. Bill Gilmour

The first Master of Lodge 43 to be installed by his father in 25 years.

St. Patrick's Lodge 43 welcomes St.Patrick's Lodge 1594 Grand Lodge of France.

Our French visiting Brethren, pictured here in the Museum.

Gordy's gang

"Media Circus" comes to 43!

At the festive board with Bro. Bill Murray "roasting" the new W.M.

"They've got more than us!"

Installation Night: 2007.


Installation Night 26th. January

Left to Right: V. W. Bro. John Frazer Prov. Ass. Grand Master,
W.Bro. Tommy Agnew W. M. for 2007, Installing Master W. Bro. George McFetridge

"Hurry up W. Bro. Treasurer, the dinner's getting cold!"

Left to Right, back row:- W. Bros. Frank Keep, Jack Moore, John Cross, Tommy Agnew,
Harry Purdy, R.W.M Lodge Battlefield, Henderson Frazer, I. P. M. Eric Moore
Front row:- Bros. Bill Murray, Gordon Keep, Chris Hill, Craig Walsh

St. Patrick's was honoured by a visitation of four French Brethren L. to R. :- Henri, Rab. Grant (Lodge 43), Bruno,
Christian Gouverneur, Roland Mayer and Derek Clarkson (Lodge 43)

How can I get a collar like yours Christian?

This is their year!

The Lodge Officers, 2004.


Click to enlarge
Back Row, Left to Right:- W. Bro. J. Moore (Almoner), W. Bro. N. Cahoon (Steward of Charities), W. Bro. F. Keep (Treasurer), Bro. R. Grant (Senior Warden), W. Bro. J. Cross (Director of Ceremonies), R. W. Bro. C. L. Kneen (Lodge 881 S. C. - Sponsor),
Bro. E. Moore (Junior Warden), W. Bro. G. Robinson (Lodge Secretary).
Middle Row:- W. Bro. J. Murray (Installing Deacon), Bro. H. Purdy (Inner Guard), W. Bro. Ian McConnell (W.M.), W. Bro. T. Doyle (Immediate Past Master), W. Bro. J. Thompson (Installing Deacon), W. Bro. J. Adamson (Installing Officer).
Front Row:- Bro. T. Agnew (Senior Deacon), Bro. G. Keep (Junior Deacon).